What are the Best New Android Apps for Web Developers? 5 Most Recommended Apps

For web developers who often work on the go, having an arsenal of useful mobile apps can make them more effective and efficient even if they are not working in a stationary office. Apps also come in handy for when a developer needs to multi-task while in transit to get more things done.

Listed here are some new apps for Android users that web development professionals swear by.

1. Color Picker

Ideal to use by developers who often experience various color selection problems, Color Picker has an array of color models such as HSV, RGB, YUB, and more. It allows getting a color code in HEX and decimal formats. Lastly, it offers slider and palette on the interface models for color adjustment.

2. Joooid 1.1 Joomla! Editor

Joomla works very much like WordPress, as this content management system allows editing and managing of posts, content, comments, web pages, and notifications for Joomla-powered sites.

3. Hackers Keyboard

Looking for a coder-friendly keyboard for your Android device? Look no further than Hackers Keyboard that features a desktop-like keyboard with full five rows. It is flexible also because it offers a lot of language and layout options to mimic real desktop experience.

4. AndFTP

Setting up various FTP servers has never been easier with this app in tow. Its user-friendly and easy-to-use FTP file browser allows seeing the files on the remote server and as local storage at the same time. With AndFTP, you can also set up, copy, paste, rename, and delete permissions as you would in a conventional FTP client.

5. Drupal Editor

Drupal, just like Joomla and WordPress, enables uploading of multimedia content on any Drupal-powered website for personal and business use.

Have you tried using one of the five apps listed above? Tell us your experience by leaving a comment!