Top 5 Web Development Tools You Must Use Right Now

Lighten your workload while producing more by taking advantage of a variety of tools available for web developers. When the frustration with your pending projects creeps in, try out several of these tools to improve the way you do things:

1. Fontello

An icon generator, Fontello allows you to choose your desired icons and based on your choice, it will consolidate them into customized fonts. This tool provides a convenient way to generate, edit, and customize icons, names, and symbol codes.

2. W3 Validator

A free service, this tool is used to validate web documents and find bugs with the HTML. It provides insights on coding errors by processing documents that are written in most programming languages.

3. Basecamp

Did you know that Basecamp has helped hundreds of thousands of businesses complete millions of projects every year? This powerful and popular online project management and collaboration tool is a cloud-based program that makes things a lot easier for web developers and designers who work in a team.

4. Browser Shots

If you need a simulation of the appearance of a web page on various browsers, then you need an online tool such as Browser Shots, which takes screencaps of the pages at 1024×768 and 800×600 resolution.

5. Load Impact

A cloud-based tool for site optimization and load testing like the Load Impact is what you need to ensure that the website you are building loads quickly. It allows you to check how your site and app will load with a maximum of more than a million visitors accessing your site simultaneously.

Any other tool that you can recommend to fellow web developers? Share it below!