5 Reasons for Using Slack to Monitor Your App: A Guide for Project Managers

Work collaboration tools are heaven-sent for teams and companies because they enable a faster and more effective flow of communication. One widely known and used tool nowadays is Slack, a cloud-based tool that is essentially made for team chats.

Now how can you leverage Slack for your project management tasks? You can tap this powerful tool to monitor application and user behavior. If you have not used Slack yet for this purpose, here are several advantages to the tool that will convince you to use it right now:

Ability to Search for User Activities and Monitor Them

Search for a username in your Slack messages, and you will be able to monitor each success message, error, or any result that comes from the interaction of the user with your app.

Fast Reaction to Failures

Because you can track your app on Slack, you will be informed right away when things fail. And you can act on every failure immediately.

Get New Insights on Server and User Behavior

Slack allows you to keep tabs on user activities and interactions with your application and how the server responds, thanks to the real-time live feed feature that shows the metrics you need to monitor.

Better Team Efficiency

Everyone in the team is in the loop with what is happening between users and the app, so you can collaborate with them as soon as issues arise. This you ca do without having to waste time going into the root of the problem before actually solving it.

Ability to Provide Great Customer Support

Since you can track user behavior and activities, you will know right away when and why, for example, a user has just removed his account. With that information, you can reach out to that customer and customize your offerings depending on his behavior and preference.

Are you ready to take advantage of Slack for monitoring your application? With this potent tool at your disposal, you will be able to always improve on developing your app.